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Blackle.com – Energy Saving Search Engine

How would you like if you could save energy while searching? According to a theory; a computer’s monitor consumes more power in displaying white color while it comparatively uses very less amount  of power in displaying black.

Blackle - Energy Saving Search

Blackle - Energy Saving Search

So friends now start using Blackle – Energy Saving Search and contribute toward the environment. Mainly Blackle is a Google! Custom Search Engine. It has been created by Heap Media just to remind us that even small contributions can also lead to big changes. Therefore I request

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4 Responses

  1. this is cool. very cool indeed. I will use blackle. even just because it looks cool in black

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  3. Visit – http://www.googleblacksearch.com another energy saving search engine.

  4. Hi,

    Just Found this blogpost from my Technorati upcomming news event Story section. really interesting post , that’s why subscribed your RSS feeder, Hope you will add more usefull posts soon.

    Keep it Up.

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