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Hi Folks,

Are you planning to purchase a new mobile phone or a LCD TV or a laptop on this Diwali? Then you might have searched a lot to get the best but did you get all the information about the product? I think partially no since its really very difficult to gather each and every detail about a product. Now you need not worry because there is one website which will solve all your queries. It is


It is a wonderful website and its UI is amazing. Consumer Mate is really very user friendly, so you won’t be confused as in the case with many sites.

Now let me introduce some fabulous features of Consumer Mate:

  • Ask Us(allows you to ask the gurus to solve your queries)
  • Compare Models(compare different models of a product)
  • Buying Guide(helps you to find the relevant features to look before purchasing a product)
  • Hot Deals
  • Test Centre Ratings by Digit(reviews by Digit)
  • New Launches(shows the latest models launched in the market)

The most appealing feature of Consumer Mate according to me is the laptop selector. It requires to give your specifications like, Price Range, Weight, Brand, etc. And filters the result accordingly. Even I found its UI better from CNET. It also has the latest street prices of the products shown.

So after summing up everything Consumer Mate is a perfect site to tackle the issues for selecting the best mobile phone or laptop or LCD TV.


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Announcement: I have launched a new blog

Hi Folks,

It gives me immense pleasure that by god’s grace and the support of my visitors as well as my friends; I have launched a new weblog.


Shubhamoy's Blog - Experiments With Web

Some updates about my new blog:

  • It includes all the articles present on this blog
  • I will use this to center all my testing & reviewing of tools
  • Added Google Friend’s Connect Plugin
  • Added Wibiya Toolbar
  • and more

Wibiya Toolbar For Blogs

Article taken from SachinKRaj’s Blog provides easy creation of bottom toolbar (floating to bottom) called Wibar.

Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blogs through customized web-based toolbars. They offer tools, such as:

  • Recent Post or  Random Article
  • Sharing Options
  • Creating a community via Facebook Connect
  • Enabling Twitter alerts on a blog
  • Enabling post navigation
  • Finally, It’s totally free 🙂

Follow wibiya @ Twitter to track latest developments.

Read the full article @ SachinKRaj’s Blog

Transformers 2 : Hi-Resolution Wallpapers

Hi Friends,

Check the latest wallpapers of latest movie Transformers 2.

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 1

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 1

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 2

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 2

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 3

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 3

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 4

Transformers 2 : Wallpaper 4

Click Here to see all the wallpapers

SAMSUNG Netbook N310 – Amazing Netbook

Samsung Netbook N301

Samsung Netbook N301

Hi Friends, Today I want to share my personal review of SAMSUNG’s latest netbook, SAMSUNG N310. It is the world’s lightest netbook with 10.1″ LCD Screen. It weighs only 1.23 kg with a powerful 4 Cell Battery. Its design is really innovative and packed with latest technology for maximum mobility and productivity. It also incorporates a range of features, like an ergonomic styled keyboard, a webcam, etc.

So if you need to stay in touch and want to make a good impression also,  then the SAMSUNG N310 makes complete sense.

Some Remarkable Features:

  • Long Lasting Battery – Upto 5 hrs backup
  • Light Weight & Sleek Design
  • 1.3 MegaPixel Webcam
  • Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Silver Coated Keyboard to fight bacterial growth

Technical Specification:

  • Operating System -> Windows XP Home Edition
  • Processor -> Intel® ATOM™ Processor N280 (1.66GHz, 667MHz, 512KB)
  • Main Chipset -> Intel 945GSE + ICH7M
  • RAM -> 1GB
  • LCD -> WSVGA(1024×600)
  • Graphics -> Intel GMA 950
  • Hard Disk -> 160GB (5,400rpm S-ATA)
  • Others -> (a) WLAN (b) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (c) LAN (d) USB (e) SRS Surround Sound (f) 3-in-1 Card Reader

I find the first impression of SAMSUNG N310 to be impressive. This is due to its attractive design. Even technically also it seemed to be a good netbook. Its most fascinating feature is the pebble styled keyboard. And the rugged plastic used in making the body adds up to the protection while the rounded corners give it a unique look. It is very compact in size; in comparison with other SAMSUNG’s Netbook. The HDD of 160GB allows to store more than we expect from a netbook. Its LCD gives a very crystal clear view.

Finally after adding up everything I feel that it’s really a good netbook. Main attraction is the design only. So if you are conscious about the looks of your laptop then this is the best netbook you can find in the market. I’ve recommended this to two of my friends also and they are very satisfied with its performance.

So folks don’t forget to share your experience about SAMSUNG N310 from the first impression. Everyone is invited to share there thoughts and viewpoint on this 🙂


Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Template

Hello Everyone,

Few days back, my professor assigned a project to our group. And also requested us to submit SRS of our project. Though we all had heard about it but didn’t know that how to draft one. Finally we started googling and within a few moments landed on to SachinKRaj’s Blog, it has a nicely written article which includes a sample SRS template as well as all necessary guidelines required to draft a nice SRS,  link

Really I personally thank SachinKRaj for writing this article which acted as a savior for our project!

Some helpful links: – Energy Saving Search Engine

How would you like if you could save energy while searching? According to a theory; a computer’s monitor consumes more power in displaying white color while it comparatively uses very less amount  of power in displaying black.

Blackle - Energy Saving Search

Blackle - Energy Saving Search

So friends now start using Blackle – Energy Saving Search and contribute toward the environment. Mainly Blackle is a Google! Custom Search Engine. It has been created by Heap Media just to remind us that even small contributions can also lead to big changes. Therefore I request

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